WPPortal Features

Speed Optimization

We optimize your website with best speed optimizing plugin (WP-Rocket). We detective unused plugins for the purpose of speed and page load.

Dedicated Server Hosting (Optional)

If you choose, we will transfer your website to a server which is completely dedicated to you.

Website Security

We keep your website updated to avoid malwares and our servers are completely secure to prevent hacker attacks.

Complete Website Remake

If you subscribe to the Platinum plan 36 months upfront, we do a complete remake and optimized development of your website. We remake an advanced website, which includes 10 to 15 pages plus 3 post types template designs. It can include WooCommerse as well.

Development & Design Expert

2 hours of expert developer time to make design and functionality changes in your website. You send your instructions via email and web start working right away.

Unlimited Support Tasks

Fix problems related to your website functionality as well as change, add, update website content. Our experts dedicate our time for your website regularly.

Next-gen Image Formate

We convert all images on your website to next-gen formate WebP. This image formate helps reduce images size while keeping the image quality the same. Our image conversion method does not remove original images to help backup compatibility.

Premium Plugins

Our agency holds multiple premium plugins for our valued clients. We install and activate plugins as per website requirements.

Monthly Strategy Review Call

We schedule a monthly strategy call with you to review our current strategy of keeping your website updated and to discuss what will happen in the future.

Malware Cleaner

Our system uses proven malware detection and malware removal system. It keeps scanning your website files for malware. It allows us to take necessary actions on time.

Cloudflare Integration

Cloudflare is a free global CDN that helps with speedy files delivery and faster DNS resolve. We integrate Cloudflare with your website for free.

Bloat Removal

Bloat removal is a unique feature that we offer. We remove all the extra CSS, script, and plugin files that are embedded in the page and are not used. It helps decrease page size and increase page speed. (Gold: Only remove bloat from Home, About, Contact page.) (Platinum: Remove bloat from main pages and post type pages)

Fix Problems

We fix problems in your website like WordPress Errors, Plugin not working, locked out from admin panel etc. (2 clock hours per month)

Database Optimization

Database optimization results in speed loading of your site by cleaning unnecessary / abandoned records, old drafts, post versions from your site database.

Site Edits via Email instructions

We help you with your website content addition or change. Simply email us about what exactly you want whether it is related to design or new additions, We will amend your website accordingly. (2 clock hours per month)

Regularly Notify Google of Changes

We will actively notify google and bing for any changes on your website through sitemaps and URL submission. This will help you increase your rank in search engine results.

Fast Site Across The Globe

Automatically replicate your site files across 40+ Content Delivery Network (CDN) regions globally. Lightening fast site, no matter where the visitor is located.

Image Optimization

Keep your website fast for your visitors even if you use lots of images.


Reach us anytime from your beach or your boat for a quick response from the Expert team. (Silver: 24-hour turn around time) (Gold: 12-hour turn around time) (Platinum: Skip the queue email support with live chat through our platform)

No Spam Bots

Make sure people filling in comments forms and contact forms are real humans and not nasty spam robots. We use long time proven anti-spam premium plugin Akismet.

Staging for Experiments

Wanna try a plugin or theme on your site? Want to try new design before pushing it to live? Create a clone (staging) at any time and do all sort of experiments.

Broken Links Monitor

No more “404-Page Not Found” errors for your site visitors. Our system continues checking your website for URL errors and notifies us to take necessary action in time.

Safe Updates

We create a backup of your website before making any updates. This extra precaution serves as safety checkpoint for an unlikely incident of breaking website after updates.

2-Factor Authentication

You can optionally opt for two-factor authentication for your website for secure logins. We set up 2-Factor authentication for free.

Website Health Reports

Reports provide you with a glimpse of performance, security and speed of your website. Reports are sent monthly via email.

Zero Down-Time

Uptime Monitor proactively monitors your website server in real-time to ensure the site is live. We get to work to restore the website in its working form.

A-Grade Security Monitoring

We make sure your website is protected from hackers, and if any files become infected we are able to spot them on time and remove malfunctioning plugin or file ASAP.

Managed Software Updates

Regular updates for WordPress core, theme and plugins. We manually check your website to make sure your website is working fine after updating everything.

Offsite Backups

It’s like your website life insurance. We can quickly fix your website in the unlikely event you get hacked or something goes wrong. Weekly (Basic, Silver), Daily (Gold), hourly (Platinum) and on-demand Restore Points are available. (Hourly backups are set on request)

Performance Check

We check the speed performance of multiple pages on your website on daily basis. This ensures consistent performance through all the pages of your website and allows us to take action if some pages get slow.